Epic Hors d’oeuvres

Everything is made from scratch and love!

 Hot hors d’oeuvres (Each Platter Serves 20 People)

  • Teriyaki Chicken Satay (skewed) Topped with Sesame Seeds 
  • Pan Seared Crab Cakes with Mango Chutney Pairing Sauce
  • Cattleman Homemade Meatballs (Choose Sauce: BBQ, Sweet & Sour or Marinara) 
  • Italian Sausage with Tri-Color Bell Peppers and Red Onions (skewed) 
  • Local Gulf Shrimp Wrapped In Applewood Smoked Bacon Brushed with Brown Sugar Glaze (skewed) 
  • Fresh Jumbo Whole Chicken Wings (Choose Sauce - BBQ, Garlic Parmesan, Cilantro Lime and Buffalo) Served with Blue Cheese Dressing and Celery 
  • Bite Size Meatloaf with Raspberry Glazed 
  • Roasted Brussel Sprouts with Demi-Glaze 

Cold hors d’oeuvres (Each Platter Serves 20 People)

  • Cucumber Bowls with Smoked Salmon Mousse
  • Cucumber Delights (Sliced English Cucumber topped with a Dill, Spices & Cream Cheese - Garnished with Pimentos & Dill Spear)
  • Grilled & Chilled Tequila Gulf Shrimp with Zesty Cocktail Sauce 
  • Horseradish Deviled Eggs 
  • Caprice Skewed with Balsamic Glaze 
  • Chesapeake Bay Shrimp Cocktail with Cocktail Sauce 
  • Goat Cheese sitting on a Wafer Topped with a Blackberry and Honey Glazed 
  • Beef Tenderloin Crostini with Horseradish Cream Sauce 

**This Epic hors d'oeuvres menu is a full-service catering menu.  This allows us to bring you top quality food and service that Smaller The Better Catering stands for.  Full service catering includes preparing the food, set-up, serving, and break-down along with providing disposable utensils and dinnerware. During our discussion of your event, we will determine your needs and I will provide the cost proposal. 

catering fresh herbs

catering fresh herbs 

Epic Dips and Grazing Boards Menu

Everything is made from scratch and love!


Yummy Delicious Dips

Serves 20 People

  • Jalapeno Popper Dip - Includes Corn Chips & Tostado Chips
  • 7 Layer Mexican Dip - Served with Tostado Chips
  • Artichoke Dip - Includes Toasted Baguette & Assorted Crackers

Grazing Station Boards

Small-10 to 20 People  Medium-21 to 30 People Large-31 to 45 People

Charcuterie Board 

Genoa Salami, Hot Sopressata, Pepper Salami and Assorted Meats

Assorted Gourmet Cheese including Gouda, Garlic Herb Jack, Irish Cheddar, etc.

Grapes, Assorted Gourmet Olives, Dried Currants and Smoked Almonds

Honey Dijon Mustard & Blackberry Preserves with Assorted Gourmet Crackers

Crudité Board

Fresh In-Season Vegetables with a Savory Horseradish Ranch Dip

In-Season Fruit Board with a Strawberry, Cream Cheese Dipping Sauce

**All hot items will be delivered in disposable aluminum pans that can be used directly with chafing dishes. 

**All cold items hors d’oeuvres will be on a disposable decorative tray and disposable serving utensils.

**All Grazing Boards will be on a disposable decorative Boards/Trays and disposable serving utensils.

**All Dips will be provided in a disposable decorative serving dish along with disposable tray for chips and/or crackers where noted. Disposable serving utensils will be provided.

catering fresh herbs

catering fresh herbs 


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